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  Whathave I learnt from New Concept English in Joyboom

  Written by Yutong Li

  We are able to learn many thingsfrom Joyboom New Concept English. New Concept English includes nearly all kindsof knowledge. It’s like a broad street in a big knowledge community withthousands of cars driving on it. Each car teaches us something. Learning NewConcept English is like creeping in the cradle. It can prepare us to be patientand lead us to become brilliant.

  First of all, learning words isthe most useful thing in English. The more words you know, the more relaxed youfeel. I have learnt a great number of words from New Concept English. Thatunfolds a new high level of learning.

  Second, reading is one of the mostimportant things in English. If you didn’t read any book or article, you wouldnever know the real meaning of English. New Concept English has a lot of articles in teaching us diversecultures, interesting things and so on. I have learnt not only English, butvaluable knowledge and simple manner as well.

  Third, the structures in NewConcept English are colorful and valuable. Some of them are very useful andsome are very cool. They are all simple but can make the point very clear. Ihave learnt to write cool sentences from New Concept English.

  In all, I have learnt words,structures and different kinds of knowledge from New Concept English. It makesme know more about English and makes me delighted.