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Every individual comes from a unique, eclectic world, shaped by memories and dreams, past experiences and future aspirations. The baffling complexity of someone’s personality cannot be told in a handful of words, yet an eloquent description of a passion can be an effective tool to communicate the insights of a person’s core values. Running is one of my passions, the keystone to the development of my athletic and spiritual life.


When I was in the 9th grade, my parents bought a house in Florida and gave me the opportunity to take classes at a middle-school for three months. Without really knowing what to expect, I joined the mileage club and started running every morning before class, twice a week. It quickly became riveting; as I was a complete beginner, my learning curve followed a solid progression and I was elated to get better every time I hit the field. I ran a total of 67.25 miles, almost catching up to the best runners. This awe-inspiring introduction to running gave me a passion. For my senior year, I decided to join a triathlon club to receive specific training on my running skills. It has been a terrific journey, participating in numerous races with school and at local events, meeting wondrous people with whom I share the same passion.


The poetry in this sport will never cease to amaze me. I live in the mountains in France, where the slopes are sharp and the air is fresh. As I make my way through the thick fog of the morning, feeling my muscles pulse and my heart filling itself with vigor, the esoteric beauty of the trail unravels itself. The delicate colors of the leaves, the wisdom that sleeps in the majestic rocks of limestone and granite, the breathtaking view when you reach a summit, the soothing sound of glacial water racing down for the lake; this is my secret garden, giving me energy and inspiration.


Athletics can be a remarkable source of education, as it has helped me build a strong work ethic. Running long distances is strenuous and requires physical practice as much as mental preparation. When your legs ache and you’re breathless, an inner voice tempts you to give up and listening can be frighteningly enticing. However, I have started to recognize this human weakness and find the motivation to raise above it. This sport has been a great gift, guiding me to become someone better.


Passion shape our lives, and therefore our world — mine is idiosyncratic and cheerful, diverse and curiously imperfect. It will always evolve as I mature, changing the color of its skin like a reptile, aiming to constantly improve. I learned that the road is full of promises, unspoken dreams and infinite possibilities that hide in plain sight. And deep down, I know that I will always love running just as much as I love life.